Medicare 101 in 1 Hour

We work very hard to fill this website with lots valuable information about Medicare, and we know that it’s a lot of reading. If you learn better by listening, check out my Medicare 101 podcast interview with the folks at Surviving Healthcare. It’s a great overview for anyone new to Medicare or still struggling to […]

Changing to Medicare Advantage – What Should I Expect

Medicare Advantage Plans have become very popular in recent years because they offer lower premiums than Medigap, and you can get your Part D benefits rolled in. Some plans also offer extras like routine vision exams or fitness memberships. About 28% of Medicare beneficiaries are enrolled in this type of plan. Changing over for the […]

Medicare Plan F Reviews

Looking for Medicare Plan F reviews?  Where can you find reviews for various insurance companies offering Medicare Plan F? If you are like me, and devour consumer reviews before finally deciding on a product or service to buy, you may have sought reviews for Plan F online and been disappointed not to find a list […]

Medicare Supplement G – Two Ways to Save

Medicare Supplement G is one of the top selling plans here at Boomer Benefits. Many people who are on Plan F have never heard of it, and they are missing out on some substantial savings. All Medicare supplements have a certain set of benefits. The richest plan is Plan F, which covers each of the […]

Replacing Medigap Plan J

Medigap Plan J was a popular plan for many years. It included some coverage for prescription drugs, as well as a preventive care doctor benefit and some extra At Home Recovery care benefits. Later revisions to Medicare itself made Plan J an outdated and redundant plan, so in 2010 the National Association of Insurance Commissioners recommended […]

Medicare Primary & Secondary HMO

Question posted to our website: If I enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan, will my Medicare HMO be primary or secondary? The answer is that your Medicare Advantage plan is primary and nothing is secondary, not even Medicare. You enroll in a Medicare HMO plan as an alternative to Medicare. Although you never lose your […]

Ratings of Medicare Insurance Companies

Do the ratings of Medicare Insurance Companies really matter? Well yes, as a matter of fact they do. Financial ratings are one of the 3 primary factors that we use here at Boomer Benefits to evaluate which Medicare insurance companies we will represent to our clients, and which ones we don’t feel confident to suggest […]

Insurance to Cover the Donut Hole

Insurance to cover the Medicare Donut Hole does not exist in the form of a separate policy you can buy to cover the gap. You would not believe how many people out there are downright outraged by this, which is surprising considering that only 81% of all Part D enrollees never reach the donut hole […]

2015 Medicare Part D Standard Benefits

Medicare Part D Standard Benefits for 2015 have been released by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and in just two months, we will also have the drug plan outlines from each of the Part D carriers. For now though, we can see what the limits and thresholds will be, and we can also […]

Savvy Strategies to Lower Your Part D Costs in 2015

The 2015 Standard Medicare Part D benefits have just been released to the public. If you haven’t seen them yet, take a quick view here, and then return to this article for some tried and true savings tips that we have gathered from our many thousands of Part D  policyholders over the years. Each year, when […]

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