Medicare Supplement Plan Application – 3 Easy Steps

A Medicare supplement plan application can at first be rather intimidating. Most of them are some 10 – 14 pages long, and there is a whole section in the middle with a bunch of health questions. Many Medicare beneficiaries are surprised to learn that health questions need to be answered …. sometimes.  Before you start […]

Medicare C & F

People compare Medicare C and F plans frequently because they are the two Medicare supplement plans that offer the most benefits out of the 10 standardized plans available. Plans C and F will cover 100% of the deductibles and also coinsurances that are not covered by Medicare itself. Many beneficiaries hope that there might be […]

Does My Medicare Supplement Cover Surgery?

Your Medicare Supplement covers surgery after Medicare first pays its share. Many people mistakenly believe that surgery is covered under Medicare Part A hospital benefits. However, surgery is covered as an outpatient benefit under Part B even if you stay overnight in the hospital to have the surgery performed. A good rule of thumb to […]

Can I choose an ACA Plan over Medicare?

Confusion over Medicare and the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been common among beneficiaries this year. Here are some of the most popular questions we have had. If I am on Medicare, do I need to do anything in relation to the Affordable Care Act to avoid a penalty? There is no requirement for people […]

Veterans: Medicare & VA Benefits

Sometimes VA members will ask us whether they should sign up for Medicare Part B, since it has a monthly premium ($104.90 in 2014) associated with it. While each individual must make choices based on what he or she can afford, we find that having both VA and Medicare benefits is usually advisable. The VA […]

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