How Much Does Medicare Part B Cost

Medicare Part B costs used to be the same for everyone in America. Along the way, as Medicare costs have increased due to a growing population of people with longer life expectancies, Congress has made some changes. Today your Medicare Part B premiums are based on your annual income as reported to the IRS. In […]

Foreign Travel for People on Medicare

People with Original Medicare can travel anywhere in the United States and all of its territories and still have access to medical care from most any doctor or hospital. This means that if you are travelling to the Virgin Islands, Guan, Puerto Rico or any other American territory, you are covered. Beyond that, Medicare in […]

Why Did my Advantage Plan Drop My Doctor?

Many Medicare Advantage plans implemented smaller networks this year, and around the nation this upset many members who really liked their Advantage plan but suddenly found out that their doctor would no longer be part of the network. Our agency received some bewildered calls from clients asking whether it was the doctors leaving the network […]

Urgent Care vs Emergency Care While on Medicare

Emergency care is a concept almost everyone is familiar with. All sorts of things from sprained ankles to lacerations can cause a trip to the ER. In recent years, with the advent of so many urgent care centers, there is a new and more wallet-friendly option: urgent care. On Medicare, emergency care and urgent care […]

How to File and Win a Medicare Appeal

Recently our Client Service Team assisted a long-time client with filing an expedited appeal and within 72 hours, the insurance carrier reversed their original decision and gave our client the go ahead for the care he needed. It’s the kind of thing that makes your day every single time it happens because you’ve helped someone […]

Why Medigap Plan F is STILL a Top Seller

Medigap Plan F has been a bestseller here at Boomer Benefits for nearly a decade. I’ll never forget our client -let’s call him Jim – who walked into our office after a week’s stay in the hospital with a bill in his hand. As is annoyingly typical of many hospitals, they had sent him the total […]

Hospital Observation & Medicare

When you enter the hospital, your hospital status determines whether the charges you incur are billed as inpatient or outpatient.  This in turns affects how much you may pay for those services, so here’s what you need to know. To be admitted to the hospital as inpatient, a doctor has to write a formal order for […]

Medicare Supplement Plan Application – 3 Easy Steps

A Medicare supplement plan application can at first be rather intimidating. Most of them are some 10 – 14 pages long, and there is a whole section in the middle with a bunch of health questions. Many Medicare beneficiaries are surprised to learn that health questions need to be answered …. sometimes.  Before you start […]

Medicare C & F

People compare Medicare C and F plans frequently because they are the two Medicare supplement plans that offer the most benefits out of the 10 standardized plans available. Plans C and F will cover 100% of the deductibles and also coinsurances that are not covered by Medicare itself. Many beneficiaries hope that there might be […]

Does My Medicare Supplement Cover Surgery?

Your Medicare Supplement covers surgery after Medicare first pays its share. Many people mistakenly believe that surgery is covered under Medicare Part A hospital benefits. However, surgery is covered as an outpatient benefit under Part B even if you stay overnight in the hospital to have the surgery performed. A good rule of thumb to […]

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