Medicare Plan F

Plan F QuoteMedigap Plan F is the most popular Medicare supplement in the nation and the #1 seller with Baby Boomers.

The reason Medicare supplement Plan F is so well-liked is that it will pay for all of the gaps in Medicare for you, including both your hospital and outpatient deductible, as well any copayments or coinsurance that you would have to pay if you didn’t have a supplement. Check out these great benefits:

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Medigap Plan F  provides comprehensive benefits

Medicare Plan F policies are considered first-dollar coverage. That’s because after Medicare pays it’s share of any covered expenses, the Medigap F pays the remainder, leaving you with $0 out of pocket.

Your Part A and B are designed to cover only part of your hospital and outpatient expenses, so there is considerable cost sharing left to you.

Here’s an example:  if you have no supplement, then under Part A, you would owe an $1,260 deductible when you go in the hospital, and you would pay 20% of outpatient care, including some expensive procedures like surgery. If you had a Medigap F policy, though, all of these things would be paid for by your insurance instead of coming out of your pocket.

If you are not familiar with how your basic Medicare benefits function, this would be important to understand before choosing a supplement. You can read about how Medicare works here.

Medicare Plan F supplement pricing varies among carriers. Our agency will provide you with tools that help compare more than just rates, such as rate increase trend histories among carriers and financial ratings of the insurance carriers offering Plan F. You might be surprised to learn that there are many very solid insurance companies with good financial ratings that offer rates that are often lower than the big major carriers.

Medigap F example

medicare f

Gracie enjoys full coverage

Gracie applies for a Plan F Medigap and is approved. A few months later she sees an orthopedic specialist about problems with her knee and learns that she is a candidate for a total knee replacement. She undergoes surgery at her local hospital, and is in the hospital a couple days. She also has a home health care nurse come out to her home several times in the weeks following her surgery.

The total cost for Gracie’s surgery, hospital stay and follow-up care is $70,000. Medicare pays its share of the bills and sends the remainder of about $14,000 to Gracie’s Plan F insurance carrier. The carrier pays the entire bill, and Gracie owes absolutely nothing except for a small copay for a generic pain medication under her Part D drug card.

Plan F vs. Plan G – which one is right for you?

When shopping for a supplement, you should ask your agent to help compare prices with other supplements that offer similar coverage. Quite often, we find that our clients can sometimes save $200 -$300 per year by looking at Plan G options. The coverage is very similar with one minor exception, and just knowing what you are buying can help you to keep more of your money in your own pocket instead of an insurance company’s coffers.

We can demonstrate the savings for you – contact us today for help.

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If you are following our Medicare learning track, you know have a good working knowledge about Medigap. Go next to: What Is Medicare Advantage? to continue learning all about your Medicare insurance options.