New to Medicare

Are You New to Medicare? Feeling lost? You are not alone.

People who are new to Medicare often have a hard time sorting things out in the beginning. There are all these parts and plans with similar letters, which makes it hard to figure out what is what. The massive amount of mail doesn’t help either! It is not unusual for a local client to bring in a whole bag of Medicare mail he has received at home and ask for our help to identify which things should be kept or tossed out.

At our licensed insurance agency, we assist individuals newly eligible for Medicare from the first step until all your coverage ID cards are in your hand. You will be amazed at how quickly and easily we walk you through the process. Use our checklist below to get started.

Are you an audio learner? Tune into Danielle’s “Medicare 101″ podcast at Surviving Healthcare for a great overview for people new to Medicare.

New to Medicare Checklist

new to medicareWhen you first become eligible, there are several steps to get the ball rolling. Although it seems like a lot, it’s a painless process when you know the proper steps to take, and we can take you through them:

  • Contact the Social Security office for the necessary forms to apply:
  • Apply for Medicare by completing the Part A & B application, and sometimes also a form which your employer may need to sign stating that you are leaving group health insurance
  • Receive and verify your red, white and blue Medicare ID card
  • Learn, understand and ultimately select your Medicare supplemental insurance coverage
  • Comprehend Part D and determine which drug plan best suits you
  • Get all your questions answered as you start using your benefits. We are always available for your calls and questions.
  • Review your coverage annually to make sure you are getting the most appropriate insurance at the right price

So if you are feeling bewildered or overwhelmed, rest assured that our friendly, knowledgeable agents can walk you through this process from A to Z. We can teach you the basics so that you understand your Original Medicare coverage. That’s the key to deciding which kind of supplemental coverage works best for you when you are new to Medicare.

Once your policy in place, you will also have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that we are just a phone call away when you need help with how your policy works. To get help from Boomer Benefits now, call (855) 732-9055 or click here:

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New to Medicare?

Our Medicare insurance expert has written a free checklist just for you! Follow these easy steps and accomplish everything you need for your Medicare enrollment.          
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