Mississippi Medicare Plans

mississippi medicare supplementsMississippi Medicare Supplement insurance plans are offered through a wide variety of private insurers. All Medicare supplements are packaged with a certain set of benefits, and you can select the plan that offers the specific coverage that best suits you.

Medicare Supplements in Mississippi are also sometimes referred to as Mississippi Medigap plans.

Mississippi Medigap Policy Rates

When shopping for a Medicare supplement, it’s reassuring to know that Medicare itself has standardized the benefits allowed under each supplement. For example, if you want to enroll in a Mississippi Medicare Supplement Plan G, you can shop different carriers for the best price, all the while knowing that the benefits you will get will be exactly the same no matter which company you buy your Plan G policy from.

Your Source for Mississippi Medicare Supplement Quote Comparisons

At Boomer Benefits, we offer Medicare supplement quotes from over 25 carriers in Mississippi. In addition, we can give you critical information that is important in deciding which company to purchase your policy from. You’ll want to know which companies have the most stable history of low rate increases and which ones have financial ratings of A or at least B+.

Rather than calling all those different insurance carriers, you can simply call our agency, and we can provide quotes and information in a format that makes it easy to read and compare. Furthermore, once you have selected your policy, if you purchase it through our independent agency, you will pay exactly the same rate as if you had purchased it directly. The benefit to you is that when you have claims or problems or even just simple questions about your Medicare benefits, you can call our agency and speak to people you know and trust. No calling a huge call center where you are put on hold 18 times!

Mississippi Medicare Supplement Open Enrollment

Your open enrollment window begins when you first turn 65 or upon the effective date for your Medicare Part B. This period is when you can apply for any Medicare supplement you want and know that you cannot be turned down for health reasons.

For folks under age 65 that receive Medicare early due to a disability or health condition that qualifies them for Social Security disability income, the open enrollment window also applies. Should you be awarded Part B retroactively, your open enrollment window will begin on the day of your Medicare eligibility determination.

Keep in mind that if you are younger than 65 and buy a Medicare supplement during our initial open enrollment window, you will also get a 2nd open enrollment window when you turn 65. The reason that this is important is that Medicare supplements for people on disability are generally priced considerably higher than supplements for people age 65 and older. That 2nd open enrollment window is a chance to lower your premiums.

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