What does Plan F cover?

what does plan f coverMedicare Plan F coverage is considered to be the “Cadillac” coverage among the available Medicare supplements today. The reason is that Plan F gives you first-dollar coverage for all Medicare-approved services. So whether you have a hospital stay, or a diagnostic exam or a doctor’s visit, you will simply present your Medicare supplement card, and you will owe absolutely no deductibles, co-payments or co-insurance. As long as Medicare approves the service or treatment you have done, then Medicare will pay its share and your Medicare Supplement Plan F will pay the remaining amount that Medicare does not cover.

What Does Plan F Cover – Can you use your own doctor?

Essentially, you will have the freedom to choose any doctor or hospital that accepts Medicare. Your Plan F will also be accepted, regardless of which insurance company you choose to buy your supplement from.

The only things Plan F does not cover would be those things that Medicare itself also does not cover, such as acupuncture, routine vision exams, routine dental work, etc.

One exception is that Medicare supplement Plan F will cover up to $50,000 in foreign travel emergency benefits. Since this care occurs outside the U.S., Medicare obviously does not cover that. Plan F will help to pay for emergency health incidents in foreign countries up to the plan limit, although you will pay a small deductible and some cost-sharing for these services.

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So if the coverage is all the same, what do you base your decision on? Well, all Medigap insurance companies have rate increases each year. Also, you only get one open enrollment window to choose your first supplement without health underwriting. After that, you can only change if you can pass the medical questions.

At Boomer Benefits, we know what these increases have been for each insurance company. We also know what companies have had the highest and lowest trends. If you have health conditions which might make it difficult for you to change carriers again in the future after your initial window has closed, we can help you evaluate which carrier you choose for the long term.

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