How Does Medicare Work with Group Insurance?

If you are still working when you turn 65 and first become eligible for Medicare, you have a big decision to make. Should you keep your employer health plan? And if so, should you also enroll in Medicare? How do the two plans coordinate?  Would it be cheaper if you leave the company plan altogether […]

Medicare Supplemental for Veterans

Veterans Medicare benefits work the same way as anyone else’s Medicare benefits. Veterans, however, can opt to get their care at VA facilities instead of civilian facilities. A common question we get from these servicemen is whether they must enroll in Medicare supplemental coverage. The short answer is no, but you might strongly consider it […]

Learning about Medicare Online

Learning about Medicare is probably one of the most procrastinated of all tasks surrounding retirement. After all, who wants to focus on health insurance when there are so many more fun things to learn about in your spare time? Considering the confusion that exists for people new to Medicare, I often tell my staff that […]

Medigap under Age 65

People who qualify for Medicare under age 65 due to a disability have different choices for supplemental coverage. This is because our federal law does not require insurance carriers to sell a Medigap policy to you if you are not yet 65. Depending on where you live, you may not be able to buy the […]

Medicare Advantage vs Medicare Supplement

Because Medicare doesn’t cover everything, many people buy additional insurance to bridge the gaps. After all, who wants to come up with a $1260 deductible each time you enter the hospital? Or shell out 20% of the cost of an expensive MRI? There are two main types of private insurance that you can buy to […]

Medicare Limits on Physical Therapy

Part B helps to pay for outpatient physical therapy benefits as well as occupational therapy and speech-therapy.  Services can be provided by therapists in private practices, outpatient hospital departments, skilled nursing facilities or from therapists who are part of rehabilitation agencies. What many people don’t realize is that there are certain limits that apply to […]

Medicare’s Coverage for Cancer

Medicare provides coverage for the treatment of cancer just like any other health condition or illness. Here are some of the common medical services and treatments that Medicare covers: Here are some of the common services for cancer that Medicare covers: Inpatient Hospital care Surgeries related to cancer Visits to your physicians Second opinion consultations […]

Medicare 101 in 1 Hour

We work very hard to fill this website with lots valuable information about Medicare, and we know that it’s a lot of reading. If you learn better by listening, check out my Medicare 101 podcast interview with the folks at Surviving Healthcare. It’s a great overview for anyone new to Medicare or still struggling to […]

Changing to Medicare Advantage – What Should I Expect

Medicare Advantage Plans have become popular in recent years because they offer lower premiums than Medigap, and you can get your Part D benefits rolled in. Some plans also offer extras like routine vision exams or fitness memberships. About 30% of Medicare beneficiaries are enrolled in this type of plan, according the Kaiser Family Foundation. […]

Medicare Plan F Reviews

Looking for Medicare Plan F reviews?  Where can you find consumer reviews for various insurance companies offering Medicare Plan F? If you are like me, and devour consumer reviews before finally deciding on a product or service to buy, you may have sought reviews for Plan F online and been disappointed not to find a […]